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I have created a userform that the 'RightToLeft' property is True. I have created a listbox that the 'TextAlign' property is '3 - fmTextAlignRight'. The listbox contains two columns and rows with a text that longer than the listbox size, so I have setted the 'ColumnWidths' property to see all the text.

I have two problems:

  1. When the userform is opened I see the end of the second column instead of the first column.

First Problem

  1. I have a SpinButton, which swap between rows. When I have rows more than listbox height, when I swap between rows in the limit, I see two rows with the same values.

Second Problem

My VBA code of the spin button:

Private Sub SpinButton1_SpinDown()
    Call SwapBetweenTwoLines(False, ListBox1)
End Sub

Private Sub SpinButton1_SpinUp()
    Call SwapBetweenTwoLines(True, ListBox1)
End Sub

Sub SwapBetweenTwoLines(up As Boolean, listbox)
    Dim index As Integer, new_index As Integer
    index = listbox.ListIndex
    If (((up = True) And (index > 0)) Or _
        ((up = False) And (index < listbox.ListCount - 1))) Then
        If (up = True) Then
            new_index = index - 1
            new_index = index + 1
        End If

        Dim key As String, value As String
        key = listbox.Column(0, index)
        value = listbox.Column(1, index)
        listbox.Column(0, index) = listbox.Column(0, new_index)
        listbox.Column(1, index) = listbox.Column(1, new_index)
        listbox.Column(0, new_index) = key
        listbox.Column(1, new_index) = value
        listbox.Selected(new_index) = True
    End If
End Sub

Thanks for the help...

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+1 for articulating your answer with some images and details. –  bonCodigo Dec 12 '12 at 3:42
If you keep default alignment, or Left to Right, does it work alright? –  bonCodigo Dec 12 '12 at 9:10
@Benjy For the swapping, can you please also provide us your VBA code for the Spinner buttons? –  K_B Dec 12 '12 at 12:59
I have uploaded the excel file to SkyDrive. Example.xls Example.xlsm Thanks... –  Benjy Dec 13 '12 at 22:42

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Well, I have succeeded to resolve the second problem.

I just should write the last command (listbox.Selected(new_index) = True) before the values inserting, not after.

Does anyone have a solution to the first problem?


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