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As the title says, is there an event for those actions like deleting a row or column, inserting a row or column, or changing text in a cell? I'd be very disappointed if there isn't.

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When you delete or insert a row or column, the RangeChanged event of the WorkbookView class fires. For example, if you delete a column, you can see the address of the column from the RangeChangedEventArgs.

public void workbookView1_RangeChanged(object sender, RangeChangedEventArgs e)
    //if column D is deleted, address = "$D:$D"
    string address = e.Range.Address

A useful event for handling text entered in a cell is the CellEndEdit event of the WorkbookView class which fires when a user finishes editing a cell.

private void workbookView1_CellEndEdit(object sender, CellEndEditEventArgs e)
  IRange range = e.RangeSelection;
  string entry = e.Entry;
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Okay, RangeChanged event is fired a lot. But how do I know if the range is deleted or inserted? From my testing, I got the same range for deleting or inserting. –  miliu Dec 12 '12 at 16:23
You're right, there is nothing in the RangeChanged event that will tell you whether a range is inserted or deleted. Other than knowing the state of the range before the range is changed, I don't know how you can determine the type of change. There are no range insertion or deletion events that I am aware of. –  Daniel Dec 12 '12 at 17:03

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