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For testing I hosted my website on free server from 000webhost.com They have a directory structure:-

(root folder) \

(public folder) \public_html

this directory structure enables to keep all the library files in root folder and all public data in \public_html, so I developed my website accordingly, and my final structure looked like:-

/include(this folder contains library files)
/logs(log files)
/public_html/and other public files

on 000webhost makes only public_folder available to be accessed via url and my url looked neat and clean like www.xample.com/index.php or www.example.com/home.php

but after completion of development I moved website to shared host purchased from go-daddy.com, now they do not have any such kind of directory permission, all the files are kept in root folder and are accessible via url also url has become like:- www.example.com/public_html/home.php or www.example.com/public_html/index.php How should I redirect url request to public_html folder again so as to make library file unavailable to public access and make url neat and clean.

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