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I need re-usable async http parsing code. Does netty perhaps contain some api for just the parsing portion? (I always have a belief that parsers should be separate and re-usable and not tied to the framework so I hope netty's is reusable as well).

ie. It would be great to feed in bytes like so and it returns null if there is not yet enough bytes

private byte[] previousData;

byte[] data = incomingMergedWithPrevious(previousData);
HttpResponse resp = httpResponseParser.parse(data);
if(resp == null) {
    return; //we do not have full data to parse yet

//otherwise fire the response to someone else.

OR maybe I could re-use the code a different way. All I know is I get bytes that don't always have all the http headers yet since it is asynch stuff. Any way to parse stuff?

NOTE: Also, I want to do chunking so I am not sure it should return HttpResponse every time but maybe an List where one subclass is HttpHeaders and another is HttpChunk.

thanks, Dean

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You can use the DecoderEmbedder probably in conjunction with HttpMessageDecoder. There's an example on the DecoderEmbedder page. It sounds like you want to use the pollAll method. You'll need to check the type of each returned object if you want to process HttpResponse and HttpChunk messages differently.

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it's too bad they didn't make it more of a component in the first place so their own tests didn't have to create a special class to test it :( but thanks very much for the great answer. –  Dean Hiller Dec 12 '12 at 14:13
hmmmmm, will that work with compression as well? –  Dean Hiller Dec 28 '12 at 22:27
This shouldn't be a problem. You just need to add HttpContentDecompressor to the handler list in the correct order. So the list is HttpMessageDecoder,HttpContentDecompressor. Calling pollAll should return the fully parsed and decompressed HTTP message or chunk. –  johnstlr Dec 29 '12 at 12:13
ewwww, netty is throwing a runtime ReplayException on normal behavior of half packets coming in.....that's not very performant. (they should really do what play did so the stack trace of that guy is not filled in). –  Dean Hiller Jan 4 '13 at 18:18

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