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I am trying to store a copy of the data in an AlAsset into my database as the URL of an image retrieved from my photo library. To do this, I'd like to convert it into an NSString, but I'm not sure how.

My intent is to later pull the URL from the database, and load the AlAsset or NSString path, then use it to load a UIImage. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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NSLog(@"path : %@", [asset valueForProperty:ALAssetPropertyAssetURL]);

And refer my this answer for how to get that image back using this URL:name of the picked image xcode

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Is the ALAssetPropertyAssetURL persistent, or can it be reused if that ALAsset is deleted? –  kev May 8 at 21:15
@KevinHarrington, Sorry I could not find a documentation describe this. I guess it will not be reused because the url looks like the hash or something similar. So no two image is exactly same and so no same asset url. –  sunkehappy May 9 at 2:05

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