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Code in the controller

    def sql = groovy.sql.Sql.newInstance ( dbUrl, dbUser, dbPassword, dbDriver )
    String[] allUser = sql.rows("select user_id from users")
        print "${it}"

The output in the console


How do I print it in such a way that it will display just the value? Example:

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This makes it a bit more intricate than it needs to be. Sql.rows() will return a list of GroovyRowResult objects, which make it easy to retrieve the fields; you have an implicit cast to String[], based on your variable declaration. You can change it as follows:

def allUser = sql.rows("select user_id from users") 

or, if you prefer,

List allUser = sql.rows("select user_id from users")  

Then you can print the userid's like so:

allUser.each {
    println it["user_id"]
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Wow this is really helpful and useful if I need to add more selection in my SQL. Thanks! – user1790785 Dec 12 '12 at 6:37
   String userid = "${it}".substring(0, "${it}".length()-1);
   String[] test = userid.split("=")
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