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I am trying to obtain the canonical induction variable for a loop in a loop pass, given its reference L*, using L->getCanonicalInductionVariable().

But many of the loops I encounter are not in canonical form. For ex:

for (int i = 10; i < 20 ; i++) {

According to llvm documentation , using the "indvars" pass in "opt" should do the trick by converting the loops induction variable into canonical form. I have tried running:

opt -mem2reg -indvars < test.bc > optTest.bc

where "test.bc" is a bit code format of the for-loop above. But the indvars pass seems to have no effect ( I have omitted the assembly code here, but I have checked it).

Later, using L->getCanonicalInductionVariable() returns null. I have also tried using "indvars" with other passes like "loops", "loop-simplify" but to no avail.

Any idea on how to get this to work?

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If you are using an LLVM version earlier than r153260, you can enable induction variable rewrite by adding the -enable-iv-rewrite command-line option, and it should generate the result you expect to see.

This option has been deprecated since 3.0 and altogether removed after the above-mentioned version; and without it, the pass does not behave according to its documentation. If you want to do it now, then, I think you have to add a pass to implement it yourself - though you can of course use the old (removed) code as reference. I believe that it was removed because (1) more passes were changed to be able to handle loops without a canonical induction variable and (2) the canonization led to other performance impacts; so I guess it would be wise to think twice before adding a similar pass.

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I had tried that earlier, but opt complained that there was no such option. I am using llvm/opt 3.2. Do you know if it has been removed recently? opt -mem2reg -indvars -enable-iv-rewrite < test.c > optTest.c opt: Unknown command line argument '-enable-iv-rewrite'. Try: 'opt -help' opt: Did you mean '-enable-tail-merge'? – Rakesh Varna Dec 12 '12 at 8:23
@RakeshVarna you're right - I have been looking at an older version of the code. I did some checking and reading and updated my answer accordingly, though I don't think you're going to like my new bottom-line, which is "you can't currently use indvars for that". – Oak Dec 12 '12 at 8:33
Oh ok, Thanks! This is for a project, so I guess I will just implement it myself. Thanks for the info. I cannot upvote since I do not have enough reputation points. – Rakesh Varna Dec 12 '12 at 8:53
@RakeshVarna Hey I too need the pass. Did you end up writing it yourself? – coder hacker Dec 3 '14 at 18:01
@Oak I was wondering if you know on how can I implement it? I am stuck on that part for my project. – coder hacker Dec 3 '14 at 18:03

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