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I have a table that tells me what people are ordering off of my website, who manufactures what they are ordering, and some personal information about the customer (address, name, etc).

I want to make a query or VBA program that separates my table into multiple tables (one for each manufacturer) and then exports those tables to excel and emails the manufacturers. I'm very new to this, but I'm thinking that VBA would be best because it allows me to automatically email the manufacturers through Outlook.

Can someone give me a skeleton code to start off with or point me towards VBA methods that would allow me to make those new "manufacturer tables?"

I think the steps involved in making those would be.

  1. Export distinct manufacturers to another table.
  2. Find # of distinct manufacturers in the new table.
  3. Make loop that loops through the "orders table" #of Manufacturers times and makes the new tables based on criteria that comes from the "List of manufacturers table."


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Don't make new tables, create a query with a parameter and send that to excel. – Dale M Dec 12 '12 at 2:22

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Here's code! which query table and email. This will give you start and make work for you.

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