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I am in the process of developing an app for a uni project and have a basic-intermediate understanding of what i am doing with android. my application is sort of like ebay but i want to implement a local search into it as well. please bare with me as this may be quite lengthy and its an idea im would like to implement.

as part of the project locations is a must and i have thought of two things which i could do:

  1. what i would like to do is use the app to capture an image using the camera, geotag the image with the location it was taken and then add the image to a listing.

Once the listing has been saved there will be a local search screen, which , when pressed shows any listings in the nearest area on a map which can then be clicked and viewed as a listing of an item.

a possible route i have thought of doing this is to ignore geotagging the image and instead get the location when the listing is saved and save that to the listing. is this a good way to do it or is there a better way?

as for the local search, how can i add these listings to the map view so they appear as a marker and expand in a callout manner , much like google maps but with listings. how would i go about doing this?

2.another option i have thought is to incorporate the local search using addresses for businesses so that users can see the businesses who have registered to the app on the map view instead of the listings. how can i use the addresses stored within my app to add markers to a mapview for all businesses registered?

also, which of the two approaches will be sinpler to implement?

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