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I'm wondering what the best way is to perform the below functionality:

  1. Read an ISO 8601 timestamp, say from an attribute of a HTML element
  2. Check whether a certain amount of time has elapsed
  3. Do function() if this amount of time has elapsed

I could think of a few ways to attack this problem, but all of them seem a little clumsy and difficult to provide flexibility with. This doesn't have to update in real-time, but I am using jQuery and the TimeAgo plugin (, so we may be able to do that.

I'm sure other people have done or attempted to do this, but have not seen any definitive answers.

For an example, I have the HTML:

<abbr class="timeago" title="2012-12-11T17:00:00">~6 hours ago</abbr>

and I want to insert a <span class="new">New!</span> element after this if the timestamp is less than, say, 10 minutes old.

We can do something like this to get us started:

$('abbr.timeago').each(function() {

    var timestamp = $(this).attr("title");

    if (function to compare time?) {
        $(this).insertAfter('<span class="new">New!</span>');

What's the best way to compare the time?

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Most modern browsers accept ISO 8601 within the date construtor. All you need to do is calculate the difference between now and then in minutes.

function isLessThan10MinAgo( date ) {
  return 0|(new Date() - new Date( date )) * 1.67e-5 <= 10;

// Current time: 22:52
console.log( isLessThan10MinAgo('2012-12-11T22:48:00-05:00')); //=> true
console.log( isLessThan10MinAgo('2012-12-11T22:12:00-05:00')); //=> false


0| // floor the result
(new Date() - new Date( date ) // obtain difference between now and then in ms.
* 1.67e-5 // convert to aprox. minutes
<= 10 // return whether is less than 10 min


$('abbr.timeago').each(function() {
  if ( isLessThan10MinAgo( $(this).attr('title') ) ) {
    $(this).after('<span class="new">New!</span>');
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One comment on your answer, the function returns either 1 (will be taken as true) or 0 (false) not actually true or false. So I guess we would have to add if ( isLessThan10MinAgo( $(this).attr('title') ) == 1 ) { $(this).after('<span class="new">New!</span>'); } I'm working on implementing it now. Thank you for the answer, this seems like a nice way to do it! – wnajar Dec 12 '12 at 5:04
0 is falsy and 1 is truthy you don't need the comparison but you can always cast a boolean with !! like this: return !!(0|(new Date() - new Date( date )) * 1.67e-5 <= 10) – elclanrs Dec 12 '12 at 5:23
The code seems right to me but I can't get it to actually work. There must be something wrong with the rest of the code (the part that inserts the new <span></span>? Here is a jsfiddle with a simplified example. I set a date way in the future as an example so the result of the function will always be 1. any thoughts? – wnajar Dec 12 '12 at 5:28
Mmmm... you didn't include jQuery library in your fiddle. – elclanrs Dec 12 '12 at 5:30
Yep, whoops, just fixed that: – wnajar Dec 12 '12 at 5:31

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