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I have the following table and data:

  • 1) i want to show only the last part of sentence.
  • 2) remove any single character from end of sentence.
  • 3) remove and special charachter like -,#,?,_ from end of words
create table t1 (id number(9) , words varchar2(20));
insert into t1 values(1,'hello UK');
insert into t1 values(2,'hello Eypt');
insert into t1 values(3,'hello ALL');
insert into t1 values(4,'hello I');
insert into t1 values(5,'hello USA');
insert into t1 values(6,'hello #');
insert into t1 values(7,'hello #');
insert into t1 values(8,'hello A');
insert into t1 values(9,'hello 20');
insert into t1 values(10,'hello 2-2-2010');

i have used this

 select REGEXP_SUBSTR(words,'\S+$)from t1;

expected results

id    word 
1     UK
2    EGYPT
3     ALL
5    USA
9     20
10    2-2-2010
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MySQL version

SELECT id, SUBSTRING_INDEX('hello UK', ' ', -1) as word WHERE LENGHT(word) > 1

OracleDB version (The one you must use)

SELECT id, SUBSTR('hello UK', INSTR('hello UK', ' ')) as word WHERE LENGHT(word) > 1

will return in both cases {id} : UK

Don't forget to replace 'hello UK' with the good column name :)

HERE is the explanation for SUBSTR used with INSTR

Good luck :)

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how can i remove the single charcater from the end of sentence or special character –  Dheya Majid Dec 12 '12 at 4:48
That's what the 'WHERE LENGHT(word) > 1' is for! Anything string that is not bigger than 1 will not return as a result (as you show in your expected results) –  marctrem Dec 12 '12 at 4:50
Indeed we remove the result that has only one or less character, not the character itself :) –  marctrem Dec 12 '12 at 4:53

Read your database manual, they all have functions that do string manipulation and they all depend on the application for their syntax. SUBSTRING(words, 7, DATALENGTH(word) -7) would work in SQL Server.

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ok how can i remove the character like # from the end of sentence –  Dheya Majid Dec 12 '12 at 4:47

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