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I have a server application running called TerrariaServer.exe and I want to be able to send it commands with separate batch file. TerrariaServer.exe is a program running as a command line. How could I "feed" it a command such as "save" and "exit"? The answer might be pipes, but I'm not too sure. Here is kinda what I executed in a batch file while TerrariaServer.exe was running...

@echo off
echo save | TerrariaServer.exe
echo exit | TerrariaServer.exe

After that, nothing happen. I don't know if you need to know this but this is a video game server and the "save/exit" commands come with it.

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Eep, use type for multiline input!

echo save | TerrariaServer.exe

will open up TerrariaServer.exe and send "save" as input to it.

echo exit | TerrariaServer.exe

will open up TerrariaServer.exe and send "exit" as input to it.

See the problem yet? :P

You're executing TerrariaServer.exe twice!

You should use the command type. You can type a text document into the input of an executable. First, let's create this text document (or any file for that matter; the extension doesn't matter!)

echo save>somefile.txt
echo exit>somefile.txt

Now let's type this into TerrariaServer.exe...

type somefile.txt | TerrariaServer.exe

Maybe delete somefile.txt after we're done?

del somefile.txt

Hope that cleared things up! :)

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Thanks! It works! – Sabreok Dec 12 '12 at 4:54
You're welcome :) – Shariq Dec 12 '12 at 4:55

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