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I need to add the SWRL Tab and the Jess Tab to my ontology on Protégé 4 but I could not find any support for Jess. Does Protégé 4 have any support or plugin for Jess, or there is any other substitute?

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It doesn't seem to be supported in version 4 but you can still edit swrl rules.

See here: SWRL tab in Protege 4

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There is a Pellet plugin to support SWRL inference in Protege 4.x:

http://clarkparsia.com/pellet/protege/ (Reasoning can be started in Reasoner/Start reasoner after selecting Pellet)

This is a very complete tutorial on the integration of Protege 4.x and SWRL:


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There is no SWRL tab plugin support after Protege 3.x; rule editor can be enabled using Protege 4 without SWRL tab. please refer the attached image.

Protege 4.2 beta screen shot

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