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I need to know how to create an auto-responder email for a mail which we received from a user. For example if a user sending a mail to us, he should receive a mail as an acknowledgement from us.

Please suggest some ideas for how to perform this task by using c# codebehind.

Thanks in advance.

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Unless you tell us how the email is being read/processed/stored what servers/software etc then this is too broad a question and will be closed. – Preet Sangha Dec 12 '12 at 5:45

With a simple implementation of POP3 you can receive and filter emails. There are many POP3 implementations on the Net. Please check this out. With something like this you can simply listen for incoming messages at all times and filter when an email was received from a specific user. In this thread you can also find how to send emails using POP3 or SMTP for auto-replying your emails.

Good luck!

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