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In route file there is a line like

Router::connect('/', array('controller' => 'admins', 'action' => 'login'));

I want to do something if anyone write a URL like http://abc.com/webroot or http://abc.com/css_or_js then it also goes to admin's login action. If so then what can i do then?

Router::connect('/webroot/*', array('controller' => 'admins', 'action' => 'login'));
Router::connect('/css/*', array('controller' => 'admins', 'action' => 'login'));
Router::connect('/js/*', array('controller' => 'admins', 'action' => 'login'));

but it works for webroot now and did not work for css or js folder or any other folder. Please help me in this matter. I will be very grateful to you.

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That is pointless. How will you serve actual css files if you are rendering everything as the login page? –  dogmatic69 Dec 13 '12 at 0:12

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The reason the css and js routes aren't working is because Cake's dispatcher is seeing them as an asset, so it skips the routing process entirely and delivers the asset. The only way around this, as I see, is to write a custom dispatcher.

You shouldn't be writing routes for the webroot directory and its folders anyway. The webroot folder should be the document root on your virtual host, and is therefore seen as the root of the site.

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