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my probelm is how to play a video in a webview. i can setup a live french on 000webhost to stream in the problem is how can i play in android using a webview... here is my code which can display a white screen i dont know why

  mWebView = (WebView) findViewById( ); //This is the id you gave
    mWebView.getSettings().setSupportZoom(true);       //Zoom Control on web (You don't need this
                                           //if ROM supports Multi-Touch     
    mWebView.getSettings().setBuiltInZoomControls(true); //Enable Multitouch if supported by ROM

    // Load URL

not working just white screen. plz help me and Thanks in advance sorry for my poor english

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Use Webview, Create a string for html tags, add iframe tage and pass the height and width of the video and url. and load the string in webview

webView.loadData(strHTMLTags, "text/html", "UTF-8");
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can you help me i am not very expert in android as well as in html ?? :) plz help –  Murtaza Mehmood Dec 12 '12 at 7:31

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