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If ADOQuery is used to connect to ORACLE database using Oracle OLEDB provider search on unicode strings for NVARCHAR2 fields fails

In the Oracle (11g) database, there is a table like

create table unicodetest
(Code Number, Name NVarchar2(100))

Now I have inserted data into it (done through sql developer)

insert into unicodetest 
values (1, N'ユニコード')

Now from delphi (XE2) application, I used TADOQuery to connect to ORACLE database using ORAOLEDB provider.

Now if I search for unicode string using following query

select * from unicodetest
NAME like N'%ユニコード%'

It returns 0 records

tried with out using N but same result

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I have not oracle at hand right now.. did you tried to pass the value as a parameter using ftWideString data type? –  jachguate Dec 12 '12 at 7:27
yes, even tried by passing the value as parameter using ftWideString, but that too didn't work –  murthy Gudivada Dec 12 '12 at 8:57

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