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My jshint code is:

 jshint: {
      options: {
        curly: true,
        eqeqeq: true,
        immed: true,
        latedef: true,
        newcap: true,
        noarg: true,
        sub: true,
        undef: true,
        boss: true,
        eqnull: true,
        browser: true
      globals: {
        jQuery: true

and I am calling that as:

  grunt.registerTask('foo', 'lint');// For running in cmd you need grunt.cmd foo.

How can I overcome with this error ???

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You could fix the mixed tabs and spaces :)

Or add the smarttabs option to ignore the error:

jshint: {
  options: {
    smarttabs: true

Or if you only want to disable warnings per file, add this to the top of the files with the errors:

/*jshint smarttabs:true */

JSHint documentation:

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I only want to disable the error in comments. Can I do that? – Senica Gonzalez Jul 29 '14 at 17:51

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