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I want to do a query with this: What are the names of the hospitals where all doctors work that work on his country.


In country C only exists two hospitals, H1 and H2.

In hospital H1 work the doctors D11, D22 e o D33.

In hospital H2 work the doctors D11 e D22.

Conclusion: Only exists 3 doctors working in country C: D11, D22 and D33. In H1 work all the doctors that work in country C. So, H1 will be in the final result of the query. In H2 doesn't work D33, so H2 will not appear on the final result of the query.

 CREATE TABLE Hospital (
     name VARCHAR(127) UNIQUE,
     country VARCHAR(127),
     area INT

     name VARCHAR(127),
     date_of_birth INT,

     hid INT,
     ic INT,
     since INT,
     FOREIGN KEY (hid) REFERENCES Hospital (hid),
     FOREIGN KEY (ic) REFERENCES Doctor (ic),
     PRIMARY KEY (hid,ic)

I tried, with this:

FROM Hospital H, Doctor D, Work W
WHERE H.hid = W.hid AND D.ic = W.ic AND NOT EXISTS (
                                                    SELECT H2.hid
                                                    FROM Hospital H2, Doctor D2, Work W2
                                                    WHERE H2.country = H.country AND W2.hid = H2.hid AND D2.ic != W2.ic

Note: I can't use sub-queries inside FROM. Thanks.

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Note: I can't use sub-queries inside FROM. Why not? Is this a homework assignment? Or do you mean that you tried it but it didn't work and you don't know why? –  Mark Byers Dec 12 '12 at 8:20
It's a homework and I am not allowed to use it. –  user1887556 Dec 12 '12 at 8:26
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2 Answers

SQL Fiddle Demo

This query also works for more than one country:

select H.hid, max(H.name)
from Work
left join Hospital H on Work.hid=H.hid
left join 
select Hospital.country country,COUNT(DISTINCT Work.ic) MaxICCount 
  from Work
  left join Hospital on Work.hid=Hospital.hid
  group by Hospital.country
) HMax on H.country=HMax.country
group by H.Hid

Or using NOT EXISTS:

select H.HID,H.NAme from Hospital H where 
NOT EXISTS(select Work.hid from Work 
                left join Hospital on Work.HID=Hospital.HID

                           where Work.Hid<>H.HID
                And (Hospital.Country=H.Country)
                AND Work.IC not in 
                  select IC from Work where HID=H.HID

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select H1.HID,H1.NAme from Hospital H1 where 
NOT EXISTS(select 1 from Work W1
            left join Hospital H2 on W1.HID=H2.HID
            where (H2.Country=H1.Country)
            And not exists (select 1 from Work W2 where HID=H1.HID and W1.ic=W2.ic)
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