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I have web application code with ColdFusion and javascript. I need to convert ColdFusion script to javascript.is this possible?Any tool is available?please share the code or example,if you have..

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Without the code and your exact requirement it would be hard to help. –  legendofawesomeness Dec 12 '12 at 8:45
The type of the languages are different. Coldfusion is Server side (runs on the server) and Javascript is Client side (your browser runs it). But anything is possible. As mentioned by legendofawesomeness post some code. –  Vincent P Dec 12 '12 at 8:52
A lot of down votes (understandably) but please let the new user have a chance to fix the question before any votes to close are cast. Thanks. –  Travis Dec 12 '12 at 13:40
Looking at user1759360's profile, my guess is 1) the question isn't going to get fixed and 2) it's about a mobile implementation. –  Travis Dec 12 '12 at 20:22
Don't misunderstand, I wasn't suggesting we close it, nearly stating my findings. –  Travis Dec 12 '12 at 21:42

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Any programming code is just a way of representing logic, so - in general - anything that can be done in one language can also be done in another language (the degrees of effort required to achieve the same goals in various languages will vary though).

However the issue you have here - as commenters have drawn your attention to - is that CFML and JS perform different roles in the process of generating and executing a web page, so whilst the logic and the end game will be achievable on either language, the way it's done and the appropriateness of the solution remains a consideration.

There's two things you need to do here.

  1. make your question more clear, including exactly what it is that the JS is doing that you need to do in CFML. Then I'll remove my down-vote;
  2. Read this blog article I wrote on the ColdFusion request/response process, as it might clarify the disconnect in what you're asking here.
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It would depend on what you're trying to do. As everyone has said so far it's a difficult question to answer until you update it with the code in question.

If you're doing something like form validation or string manipulation provided by the user, then sure (if you're trying to move form validation to the client, I suggest doing it in both places just in case javascript is disabled or you're being bot attacked. Doing it in both places is encouraged but NEVER remove your server-side validation in favor of client side validation).

If you're doing something that has to be done on the server like connecting to a database or file management, not so much (yes you can connect to databases with javascript... but don't)

If you're trying to do something on the server but make it look invisible to the user, you'll want to look into AJAX which is a combination of your CF script and javaScript.

I'm not going to flag or down-vote the question because I think it's salvageable given the chance.

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