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I've got a Rails 3 applicaiton running on SQL Server against a legacy database with some computed columns. When I try to save a new record, I get an error "The column "ContractPendingDays" cannot be modified because it is either a computed column or is the result of a UNION operator

I'm not updating this column, it just seems to be one of the columns activerecord tries to write to when adding a new record into the db.

Is there some way to stop this behavior? I even tried changing schema rb but that didn't help. (and suboptimal anyway since I'd have to do it every time I change the db.)

Is there some way to mark a column as not updatable so activerecord doesn't try to write to it?

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Found answer here:

Don't try to specify certain columns on ActiveRecord-generated INSERT INTO

(Use attributes.delete in a before_create filter)

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