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i created one job in oracle10g

my table name is name i.e

create table name(name varchar2(10))

and i created one procedure with the name: insertnames to insert values into name table

job_name => 'insertnames'
job_type => 'stored_procedure',
job_action => 'insertnames(spname)'
start_date => sysdate,
enabled => true,
auto_drop => false

the above job is executed successfully but how can i know whether this job is running fine or not?

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2 Answers 2

to see what is running, use the view: USER_SCHEDULER_RUNNING_JOBS

and to see if a job was successful use: USER_SCHEDULER_JOB_LOG/USER_SCHEDULER_JOB_RUN_DETAILS

(or use the ALL_/DBA_ versions of the views as applicable)

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There is a series of system views beginning with USER/ALL/DBA_SCHEDULER_, such as ALL_SCHEDULER_JOBS or ALL_SCHEDULER_RUNNING_JOBS, documented here

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