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I have to read from a file and print the output in the form of a table using string formatting Here is an example of what i wrote

def timesplit(m,n):
    for i in m:
        if i>=n:
    return count
if line[1][-2]=='1':
print k,l
print "%9s|"*len(k)+"%9s"*len(l)%timesplit(k[0],Exec),timesplit(k[1],Exec),timesplit(k[2],Exec),timesplit(k[3],Exec),timesplit(l[0],Update),timesplit(l[1],Update),timesplit(l[2],Update),timesplit(l[3],Update)

Exec and Update are lists containing floats in range(0,50)

The file I am reading is as follows

#Enable timesplts=1 else=0
timesplits = 1
#The specific time splits

The output should be in a tabular format

 hour  |exec(>10)|exec(>15)|exec(>20)|exec(>30)|update(>10)|update(>15)|update(>20)|update(>30)
hour-1 |3        |5        |7        |4       |5           |2          |  3        |5        
hour-2 |2         |3        |4        |5       |1           |2          |5     

The data is filled in the table using timesplit().

So how do i perform the string formatting here dynamically depending on the no of elements in k and l.This is a sample and the table has many other components apart from these two Thanks in advance

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What kind of output are you looking for? Could you give an example of correct output for this input? –  Jim DeLaHunt Dec 12 '12 at 9:42
timesplits = lambda m, n: sum(i >= n for i in m) –  glglgl Dec 12 '12 at 9:44

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I would format every entry separately and then join them together:

print ",".join("%9s" % timesplit(i, ...) for i in k), "|", ",".join("%9s" % timesplit(i, ...) for i in l)

if this is what you mean.

Please note that your function is named timesplits() while you call timesplit().

I also don't know what your 2nd argument (Exec resp. Update) is supposed to be in this context and how it matches to parameter n in the function.

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Well actually this is a part of a code around 1200 lines so i could not give all the values involved.Anyways thanks for your help i solved it. –  Tyranicangel Dec 12 '12 at 10:01

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