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What tools or options do I have so that I can edit or tamper with Wireshark/tcpdump captures in any way which I want- be it IP headers, TCP layer, the payload part or raw packets? I have looked at Scapy and libcrafter. Netdude is great as well, but the project is not maintained by the author.

What better options are there?

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I found one tool which, although a little slow, nearly fulfills the above said requirements. It is Power edit pcap

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Some useful tools I have tried are Editcap, pktanon, tcprewrite, and bittwist.

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I have used pktanaon- it is an anonymization tool. Editcap and tcprewrite also don't serve the purpose because, I guess, they simply re-write the packet for that layer and do not allow me to edit as I may like (say change some stuff in the payload). Yet to see bit-twist...Thanks. I liked Netdude, but the project isn't maintained I guess. –  pnp Dec 12 '12 at 11:14

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