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I want to show the amount of data in columns users_count, then I add the result to 1 (users_coun +1). I use a table like this:

mysql> SELECT id, name, users_count FROM data;
| id | name   | users_count |
|  1 | Jogjas |          10 |
|  2 | madang |           0 |
|  3 | udan   |           0 |
3 rows in set (0.00 sec)

if I select users_count on id = 1, the result is 10.

the result I want is: 11

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You have only included SQL code, so not sure why you have tagged this as a python question.

Why don't you just do the addition in your SQL i.e. SELECT id, name, users_count+1 as users_count FROM data;

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use Pymysql or (DAL)gluon tools from web2py to access mysql in python.

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