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For a reason i need to run update the database table many times . I wrote the logic in a while loop. So that , untill the array length is reached , it updates different values of attributes to database.

if request.post?
  @user_new = Bookmark.new(params[:user_new])
  tags = @user_new.tags.split(",")
  while i<tags.length
    @user_new.update_attributes(:title => @user_new.title, :url => @user_new.url, :tags => i)  

But it doesnt seem so.

Only the last update statement is been executed. Why is it?

How can i run mulitple update statements in accordingly ?

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The column of your table would be updated i times, so the final value would be the tags.length. It isn't updating only the last one, but all of them in order.

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I thought the same and wrote the code. But only the last one is getting executed –  Abhi Ram A Dec 12 '12 at 10:31

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