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In a MongoDB replica set, we can force a certain delay on secondary nodes. What I'm unable to understand is that even though these nodes (delayed ones) participate in Election, can they ever become Primary ? If they can, then what happens to their delayed preference, does it warn off automatically ?

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They can become primary, so they should have a priority of 0 and be set as hidden to prevent them from becoming primary.

Delayed members must have a priority set to 0 to prevent them from becoming primary in their replica sets. Also these members should be hidden to prevent your application from seeing or querying this member.

source: Delayed Members.

You can find more details about election internals at this link.

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Thanks! That helps. Actually, I read documentation before posting this question, but I couldn't find this information. Maybe I oversaw it. –  VaidAbhishek Dec 12 '12 at 11:47

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