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My combobox code,

            xtype: 'combo',
            fieldLabel:'Choose Class',
            msgTarget : 'side',
            triggerAction : 'all',
            emptyText : 'Select an Class',
            valueField : 'classAvailableSeats',         
            displayField : 'schoolClass',               
            store : classStore

Strore code,

            var classStore = new Ext.data.Store( {
            proxy : new Ext.data.HttpProxy( {
            url : 'ClassServlet',
            method : 'POST'
            reader : new Ext.data.JsonReader( {
            idProperty : 'schoolClass',
            root : 'schoolcls',
            fields : [{
            name : 'schoolClass'
            name : 'classAvailableSeats'

            } ]

Json value,

  {success:true,schoolcls:[{schoolClass:3, classAvailableSeats:4},{schoolClass:4, classAvailableSeats:4},{schoolClass:5, classAvailableSeats:4},{schoolClass:6, classAvailableSeats:4},{schoolClass:1, classAvailableSeats:4},{schoolClass:2, classAvailableSeats:4}]}

what ever I select in combo, it always show 3 in display field.. But if i give

valueField : 'schoolClass',

It works perfectly.. But i need classAvailableSeats in valuefield. Looking for little Help and fact of this problem.. Thanks in advance guys.

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Are you sure that you getting your json data like you've described? –  Damask Dec 12 '12 at 10:22
yep prodigy. I'm 100% sure about it. my main problem is why it's working if valueField and displayField same means :( –  Muthuramu Periyaiah Dec 12 '12 at 10:39

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