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I have been searching all over the Internet but I can't seem to find an answer to my exact problem.

I have a ruby script that runs using an argument. E.g Append.rb

If I call ruby Append.rb 0 - this will start a thread and do some logic

If I call ruby Append.rb 2000 - this will start a new thread and do a different logic

If I set up a Procfile, and run locally using 'fromen start' both scripts are triggered at the same time and it works ok.

The Procfile looks like this:

worker: ruby Append.rb 0

worker: ruby Append.rb 1000

If I do the same thing in Heroku, it will start 2 dynos, but both will trigger:

Append.rb 1000

Any ideas how I can solve this?

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Anything aside from web is just an abritrary string which identifies that process, it doesn't need to be called worker. However, that string does need to be unique. Therefore, just call it something different:

worker_0: ruby Append.rb 0
worker_1000: ruby Append.rb 1000

Then you can use these identifiers in your scale commands:

heroku ps:scale worker_0+1
heroku ps:scale worker_1000=1

and so on. For more Procfile info, see here:

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