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I have TFS Server 2012 SP1. Eclipse 3.6.2 (Helios Service Release 2). TEE

I see a complete team menu, I can check-out and check-in files manually. However if I just start editing a file it will not be checked out automatically :( as it did with 2010 before updates.

I have tried to change settings to "Display progress while checking out" and "Prompt before checking out" - no effect.

"Detect changes..." functionality does not work either.

Only if I close the project and then open it again, the modified file will be checked out automatically (only once).


UPDATE: The modified file will be checked out automatically also if I manually check-out/check-in another file in the same project.

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Problem found

If Visual Studio 2012 is opened on the same PC and connected to the same TFS server, the TEE behaves as described above :(

@Edward Thomson, I think it is a bug. TEE should at least have displayed an error messages.

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Sounds like a bug, indeed, but I'm having trouble reproducing it. Do the pending changes show in VS when you have both open? If you refresh the pending changes view do they show? – Edward Thomson Dec 12 '12 at 17:02
@Edward, It turned out to be even more complex than I initially thought. Yesterday I had the same issue with Visual Studio closed. Unfortunately, now I have to switch to more urgent tasks but I will continue testing TFS2012 maybe next week or already in January. Anyway I'll post here as soon as I have more info. – Dime Dec 13 '12 at 14:36

Not sure about your specific TFS or Visual Studio version, however in VS2010 you have:

File > Source Control > Change Source Control

enter image description here

If your Solution/Project is listed like above with no Server Name, Binding etc., select it and click Bind. That may get things going again

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