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I have a well formed XML file I would like to fill a datagrid with. I would prefer using the AutoGenerate feature of WFPToolKit datagrid, but could hard code the columns in.

The trouble I am having is getting the xml file contents into a datagrid. I had it partially working in a listview, but think a datagrid would be more suited for my needs.

Can anyone provide a quick example of how to accomplish this?

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Aha! I finally worked it out with the help of another post here. Here is what I was able to get working, adding each XML element to a list view.

XDocument xdoc = XDocument.Load("c:\\isbn.xml");
var items = from item in xdoc.Descendants("BookData")
            select new
                Title = item.Element("Title").Value,
                AuthTexts = item.Element("AuthorsText").Value

foreach (var item in items)
    listView1.Items.Add(new { Title = item.Title, Author = item.AuthTexts });
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I bound the XML to the ListView like this:

// Bind the data to the ListView
var binding = new System.Windows.Data.Binding() {  
  Source = MergedXmlDataProvider,  
  UpdateSourceTrigger = UpdateSourceTrigger.PropertyChanged,  
  XPath = "//element" };  
this.listView1.SetBinding(ItemsControl.ItemsSourceProperty, binding);

XML looks something like this:

    <element location="here" state="now"/>  
    <element location="there" state="then"/>  
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