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I have a requirement where when page is loading, i need to disable (All widgets in it should be visible but disabled) the page with faded(opacity) and enable only busy indicator . .

How can i achive that in gwt? Please help

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This feature is called masking. There are many ways to do it. One of the way is to disable all the events by making all the widgets in the screen readonly and setting the opacity through css. Another way is use a transparent slight opaque image as a background with very high z-index property and remove that image when you no longer require it

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After applying the following css style, masking is applied in all the browsers.
.maskingStyle { background: #666666; position:absolute; left:0; height:0; z-index:10000; display:inline-block;
width:100%; height:100%; opacity: 0.2; filter: literal("alpha(opacity = 20)"); -webkit-transition: opacity OPACITY_DURATION; -moz-transition: opacity OPACITY_DURATION; -o-transition: opacity OPACITY_DURATION; transition: opacity OPACITY_DURATION; }

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