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I have troubles creating a document directory (html) using sphinx-build.

I tried

sphinx-build -b html source build

as well as

make html

but in both cases only the html-files search.html, index.html and genindex.html are generated. The file modindex.html is missing.

In the file conf.py I set

html_domain_indices = True

so I should have a modindex.html file. What am I doing wrong? I get no error message after building the html files. I'm using Sphinx 1.1.3 and Python 2.7 on Windows XP.

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Do you have "* :ref:modindex" in your index.rst file? Please, provide the contents of index.rst file. –  alecxe Jan 30 '13 at 11:21
Are you using autodoc, or are you adding modules to the modindex manually? If using autodoc then you must include 'sphinx.ext.autodoc' in the list of extensions in conf.py. If manual, then use the .. py:module: <name> directive for each module that you want listed in the index. Check the build for errors re: roles and directives, as modindex will not build if there are errors. I had this same issue at first, but checking for errors fixed it. –  Mark Mikofski Apr 25 '13 at 20:26
I face the same problem as Karin, where the setting of autodoc followed the checkpoints from Mark. However, it is still no monindex.html generated. Did I miss any step? –  吳強福 Jan 29 at 6:53
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