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I am using carrierwave to handle my uploads. I have specified the store_dir following way:

def store_dir

Uploading files work like a charm - each time I upload a file it ends up in directory where it should end; i.e. "today's directory".

When I try to download the file, carrierwave is constructing the download path dynamically based on store_dir options. So lets say a file which was uploaded on 1.12.2012 is available on the following path on fliesystem:


will be retrieved by carrierwave as:


Which obviously leads to "Cannot read file" error.

I came with 2 different possible solutions:

  1. Create a separate filed where I will be storing the actual filepath to the file upon it's creation and then will use this value to retrieve file.
  2. Overload retrieve_from_store! method (which is part of carrierwave gem) and make it construct path based on created_at field from the file record than rather from store_dir.

I am inclining to the second possibility since it feels not that dirty. Yet both feel "not-rails-way". Which one will be better to use and why? Or maybe carrierwave provides a way to solve this issue?

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Totally guessing here but by looking at the docs I think something like this should work:

def store_dir
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Thanks a lot, working like a charm. –  Ruslan Dec 12 '12 at 22:42

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