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I am using FormToEmail.php free script to send some form data from a page where user enters their email and recipient's email and obviously some text as message.

In FormToEmail.php there is a place where I insert the email which I would like the content to be submitted.

I need to set the email which is entered as "recipient's" email dynamically in FormToEmail.php file so that the content will get emailed to recipient's email. How do I do that?

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What have you tried? –  Jake N Dec 12 '12 at 11:28
Put some code here. –  Rohit Kumar Choudhary Dec 12 '12 at 11:33
Here is the link to download the script formtoemail.com/FormToEmail.zip –  Dave Homer Dec 12 '12 at 11:41
Just imaging I have a page, that has 3 fields, Sender Email, recipient Email, and Message. in FormToEmail.php there is a place where you have to actually write the email of recipient. I need to code it in a way that whatevert is typed in recipient's email gets inserted into FormToEmail.php section –  Dave Homer Dec 12 '12 at 11:43

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There is a text in comments of that script:

Step 2:

Enter your email address.

After comments block there is a line:

$my_email = "delete these words and put the email address only in here between the quotes";

Suppose you have harcoded address instead of "delete these ....". You should simply replace that line with:

$my_email = !empty($_REQUEST['recepient_email_field_name']) ? $_REQUEST['recepient_email_field_name'] : "default email address";

Where recepient_email_field_name is name of a field on a form where user should enter his email and default email address should be replaced with that email you have there currently.

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Thank you, I'm just going to test it and let you know the results. –  Dave Homer Dec 12 '12 at 11:48
Excellent! Works perfectly. –  Dave Homer Dec 12 '12 at 15:53

Instead of this code:

$my_email = "delete these words and put the email address only in here between the quotes";

Add this:

if (!empty($_POST['email'])) {
  $my_email = trim($_POST['email']);
} else {
  $my_email = "defaultemailaddress@domain.com";

Replace the default with your own or any other.

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