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I am using Entity Framework 5. I am looking for a better approach to update multiple records.

People are talking about EF Extensions. But I am not sure how to use it with my scenario.

This is my method signature.

internal void Update( List<Models.StockItem> stockItemsUpdate)

I need to update all the corresponding stockitem entities.

using (var context = new  eCommerceEntities())
   var items = context.StockItems.Where(si => stockItemsUpdate.Select(it => it.ID).Contains(si.ID));

I believe above query will return those entities.

How can I use EF extensions in this scenario?


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In EntityFramework.Extended's BatchExtensions there is an Update extension method with this signature:

public static int Update<TEntity>(
        this IQueryable<TEntity> source,
        Expression<Func<TEntity, TEntity>> updateExpression)

You can use this as follows:

items.Update(item => new StockItem { Stock = 0 });

to set the stock of the selected items to 0.

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After looking at its git repository. It seems to be a very buggy library. –  Shashwat Tripathi Jan 21 '14 at 5:33

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