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I've created a branch with TFS2008: Over a folder named Main, I've created a branch called Dev, and all works fine, in the Dev folder there's all code from Main.

But when I've started to work with Dev folder I've seen a child folder called Main, and I don't know how it has been created (in the same moment that I created the Dev branch).

This is the structure:

  • $/Project
    • Main
      • [Files]
    • Dev
      • [Files]
      • Main
        • [Files]

When I try to delete $/Project/Dev/Main, later when I merge changes from Dev, tfs marks $/Project/Main as pending to delete.

In summary, is there any way to delete the link between $/Project/Dev/Main and $/Project/Main? The files in $/Project/Dev can merge fine with $/Project/Main.

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Finally I've found a tricky way to solve my problem:

  • Move $/Project/Dev/Main to $/Project/BadMainBranch
  • Delete $/Project/BadMainBranch and check-in.

Problem solved... but if anybody could show another way to solve it, perhaps I'll can understand what happens really!

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