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I am trying to close a TKInter window with self.win.destroy.

The following error is thrown when binding the event to a button:

Can't invoke "bind" command: application has been destroyed
During handling the above exception, another exception occured:
Can't invoke "destroy" command: application has been destroyed

How do I bind a "close-window" command to the button?

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It would help if you would also post the relevant code. –  sloth Dec 12 '12 at 12:13

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Do this:

button['command'] = root_window.destroy # give it the function
# when the button is pressed the call () is done

Do not do this:

button.bind('<Button-1>', root_window.destroy()) # () makes the call



destroys the window before button.bind is called.

This is also wrong: but does not destroy the root window:

button.bind('<Button-1>', root_window.destroy)


  • the button can not be triggered with the keyboard
  • root_window.destroy(event) is called but root.destroy() only takes one argument.

This does also work:

button.bind('<Button-1>', lambda event: root_window.destroy())
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You should make it more clear that the problem isn't "bind vs. command" but rather "root_window.destroy() vs. root_window.destroy". Though you are correct that defining a command is highly preferred to setting a binding on a button. –  Bryan Oakley Dec 12 '12 at 15:51

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