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I was going through the enums in Java. The same what an enum can do can be achieved by collections or an array of Strings or user-defined types. What is the main purpose of introducing enums in Java 5.

Thanks, Sehensaa

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Take a look here for a good answer. –  Jonathan Dec 12 '12 at 12:16

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Advantages -

  • Set of Constant declaration
  • Restrict input parameter in method
  • Can be usable in switch-case

It is used for fields consist of a fixed set of constants.

Example is Thread.State

public enum State {

or private enum Alignment { LEFT, RIGHT };

You can restrict input parameter using Enum like-

String drawCellValue (int maxCellLnghth, String cellVal, Alignment align){}

Here in align parameter could be only Alignment.LEFT or Alignment.RIGHT which is restricted.

Example of switch-case with enum -

String drawCellValue (int maxCellLnghth, String cellVal, Alignment align){
    switch (align) {
    case LEFT:...
    case RIGHT: ...
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+1 In Java, those "constants" are references to objects which can have immutable data or mutable state, and can be members of sub-classes. –  Peter Lawrey Dec 12 '12 at 12:20

From understanding-enums-in-java

  1. Type safety. You can declare a function argument, return type, class member or local variable to be a particular Enum type and the compiler will enforce type safety;
  2. Enums are basically classes. They can implement interfaces, have behaviour and so on.

From enum-in-java-advantages
You get free compile time checking of valid values. Using

public static int OPTION_ONE = 0;
public static int OPTION_TWO = 1;
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one of it's uses was as a means to emulate a switch on Strings type variables as before Java 7 this was not allowed

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Have a look for the "type-safe enum pattern" (e.g. in the book "Effective Java" 1st edition, by Joshua Bloch). The Java "enum" construct is a language level support (syntactic sugar) for this design pattern.

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