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i have created the new custom config TAB in admin panel configuration section under the System > Configuration. I have referred the below link for system config TAB Creation

My problem is When i click the Configuration Menu Under the System, Our Custom Tab Always Show instead of General Tab. I Need to Show the General Tab Always instead of showing my custom TAB.

Can anyone look the above my reference link and give me a suggestion for my issues?

Any help much appreciated.


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What is your sort_order /app/code/local/[companyName]/[moduleName]/etc/system.xml

        <xyz translate="label" module="xyz">

Try change it to a larger number eg <sort_order>96</sort_order>

See Magento admin - change default Configuration menu

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Many Thanks @R.S. you have saved my time. –  Man Kingdom Dec 12 '12 at 18:03

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