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I'm using greenDao and I need to extract data from several tables similar to left-join funcionality. Here's a cite from my schema generator:

private static void genRetailers(Schema schema) {
    // create retailer entity
    Entity retailerEntity = schema.addEntity("Retailer");

    Entity shopEntity = schema.addEntity("Shop");
    Property retailerId = shopEntity.addLongProperty("retailerId")
    // (1) Retailer < - > (*) Shop
    retailerEntity.addToMany(shopEntity, retailerId);

When I do:

    return (ArrayList<Retailer>) mDaoSession.getRetailerDao()

I only get contents of the Retailer table itself, however I also need Shop entity values which're null. Only after I call getShops() the entities get filled. I need to fill entities right at the first query. How is it done ?


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........ anyone ? –  midnight Dec 14 '12 at 9:47
You describe how greenDAO is designed to work. Relations are resolved lazily on their first access.What you don't state is what you are trying to achieve and why it cannot be done using standard relations. –  greenrobot Dec 18 '12 at 22:12

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Use the queryDeep method:

return mDaoSession.getRetailerDao().queryDeep(null);
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