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I want to bulk insert data from .dat file.
but the problem is the file doesn't contains any char by which i could separate different values..
Actually the file contain code generated by Attendance machine, the code looks like


Above 2 lines are Attendance of 1 day of Employee 4321,
The 1st line is entry of TimeIn & the second line is entry of TimeOut,
details are below

31 - Machine Code
2012 - Year
01 - Month
10 - Day
09 - Hour
15 - Min
0001 - In or Out (0001 for In & 0002 for Out)
0000000061 - EmployeeCode
0001 - Terminal No (0001 for Terminal In & 0011 for Terminal Out)

can i bulk import this file ? if yes then how? can anyone tell how i can solve this problem?


im using SQL server 2000 :(

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You will need to get the data into a staging table by using BULK INSERT or BCP and then parse out the columns using the SUBSTRING() and CAST()/CONVERT() functions.

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read the dat file in to a string using the Environment.Newline sperator

string[] Lines = System.IO.ReadAllLines("dat.file");

then for each line do something along the lines of

Int MachineCode = Lines[0].SubString(0,2);
Int Year = Lines[0].SubString(2,4);
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