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QT creator won't open multimedia examples. When i try to open an example, i get a popup with the warning: "The project you are about to open is located in the write-protected location: /". I then have the choice of copying it to a directory or just opening it. If choose copy, it'll try to copy / to the chosen directory and fail halfway. Randomly picked non-multimedia examples all work.

After some further investigation, the entire /usr/lib/qt4/examples/multimedia/* directory appears to be nonexistent.

May somehow be related to Why am I missing the Qt Multimedia functionality?

edit to make it more of a question: I'd like to be able to open the examples the usual way, via the examples gallery in QT creator. I'm new to multimedia programming, and want to try to make a simple and modern version of "virtual audio cable" to learn how it's done. I'll be opening and closing the examples a lot to un-clutter my workspace once in a while so the question is: how do i get the examples back where they belong?

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I found the examples online: Still weird it's not included in the qt4-demos package while qtcreator expects it to be present (and consequently bugs out).

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