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I am working on a chat application which uses Tornado at backend. I have used long polling to fetch the number of online users and the any new chat message available at server. I have opened two long polling connections with the server.

While it is very easily to detect when a user came online. I have coded this class which maintains a list(user) of users who came online. This list is easily sent to any client requesting for online users(as you can see in the code below.) But when a user goes offline, I have no way to know that and hence the list (user) sill remains the same. So even if somebody goes offline I cannot update the user list. Please help me figure out a way to by which I can remove the user which are not connected (using long polling) and update the user list.
I have heard that I have to apply certain kind of polling mechanism on the list user, as a disconnect event is not generated in tornado, unlike node.js. Please help me implement that polling mechanism. Response in code would be highly appreciated.

class OnlineHandler(BaseHandler):
    online = [] 
    identifier = [] 
    user = []
    time = []
    def post(self):
        random = self.get_argument("random", None)
        self.online_user(self.get_current_user(), self.retuser,random)

    def online_user(self, u, callback, random):
        cls = OnlineHandler
        if u not in cls.user:    
           index = cls.user.index(u)    
       cls.time[index] = time.time()            
        if random not in cls.identifier:                # new user connected
           logging.info("Sending online list to %r users",len(cls.online))
           for callback in cls.online:
                   logging.error("Error in online user callback", exc_info=True)
           cls.online = [] 
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