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How does one simulate keyboard key presses in python (Xlib) I have been using Xlib-python for simulating mouse pointer events such as movements and clicks. But I haven't been able to find enough help for doing a similar thing for keyboard presses.

Preferred platform : python on linux

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One uses xtest for this. As an added bonus, it also handles pointer event injection.

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Just in case any Windows users stumble across this question:

Link may be broken, here is a similar Python code block that I have used to build off of:

import time
import win32api, win32con

VK_CODE = {'left_arrow':0x25,

def press(x):
    win32api.keybd_event(VK_CODE[x], 0,0,0)
    win32api.keybd_event(VK_CODE[x],0 ,win32con.KEYEVENTF_KEYUP ,0)

def play():
    s = time.time()
    while time.time() - s < 15:


Credit goes to:

chriskieh on GitHub

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