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I want to show a different theme for the mobile specially iphone and android visitors. Yes WPtouch plugin in good solutions but i want to show brand new jquery mobile based mobile only theme.

How do I show mobile theme for the user after I detect them in mobile?

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What have you tried? – ghoti Dec 12 '12 at 13:23
See this:… – GBD Dec 12 '12 at 13:23

First of all, you need to create a WordPress plugin, because implementing the logic for theme switching inside functions.php is too late, as it only gets called when the corresponding theme is, indeed, already applied! So you need to insert your logic in a plugin (plugin files are executed before theme files) and then use the following filters, placing your detection logic in the corresponding functions (get_template_for_device and get_stylesheet_for_device) :

    add_filter('template', 'get_template_for_device');
    add_filter('stylesheet', 'get_stylesheet_for_device');
    add_filter('option_template', 'get_template_for_device');
    add_filter('option_stylesheet', 'get_stylesheet_for_device');

Personnaly, I have implemented a WURFL solution to detect devices on server side with pretty good security, as simple methods detecting strings inside the user agents strings are not the most reliable (and I also needed extra device capability infos, which only WURFL can provide). My solution is : if no data stored in the deviceinfo cookie that I set, I execute WURFL for device detection, store all info in a cookie. On subsequent visits or subsequent pages, I directly get the info from the cookie and serve the proper theme with the above mentioned filters, without having to instanciate a WURFL object. Otherwise, you can use a simpler logic to read the user agent string (like what WPTouch does) : it is less reliable, but to be honest, it works more than 90% of the times (according to my own experience, but I could be wrong especially if you have to take into consideration certain geographical areas), so it can be sufficient. GBD just gave you an example in his comment.

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This plugin seems good for this task

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