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I have tried to figure out how to link library jars to my android project.

I created the build.xml with

android update project -p .

And I have defined as


I also added a -pre-build task to copy some libs to the directory:

<target name="-pre-build">
  <copy todir="${jar.libs.dir}">
      includes="*.jar" />

and this succeeds, since I can see this in the ant output:

     [copy] Copying 2 files to absolute-path-to-my-lib

However, I can also see this:

     [echo] Resolving Build Target for MyAndroidApp...
[gettarget] Project Target:   Android 2.3.3
[gettarget] API level:        10
     [echo] ----------
     [echo] Creating output directories if needed...
     [echo] ----------
     [echo] Resolving Dependencies for MyAndroidApp...
[dependency] Library dependencies:
[dependency] No Libraries
[dependency] ------------------
[dependency] API<=15: Adding annotations.jar to the classpath.

and the javac task fails, since it cannot find classes that are in the libraries.

What am I missing?

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Take a look at this previously asked question:… – soren.qvist Dec 12 '12 at 13:27
I did already. And I defined jar.libs.dir accordingly in – Jouni Aro Dec 12 '12 at 13:34
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It seems that this is the solution:

Is jar.libs.dir not being overridden properly?

So it's a bug in Android:

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