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i have a JavaScript function which passes variable to servlet, servlet do some calculations and produces a result in image format

 var x,y,z; 
       x="something"; y="something"; z="something";
var image = document.getElementById("finalpic");
image.src ="http://xyz/folder/myservlet1?monthly="+monthly+"&recent="+recent+"&likes="+likes;

in return servlet produces a image which gets loaded,

i need to use url of this dynamic image to another javascript function ,to make a ajax/jquery call,this ajax/jquey call requires url of image.

i dont want to produce image twice i want to use already generated image url.

FB.api('/me/photos','post', {
  }, function(response){

how can i do this, because even when i open the generated image it get generated again and then show in tab how i take advantage of already produced image.

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According to this link and my understanding, I feel caching servlet results is a configuration stuff, and the request is not sent to the server again for processing. Sorry if am wrong about that.


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You're spot on about the solution: caching, though the link you posted doesn't really apply to JavaEE. It's actually pretty old, try this instead. It's a glassfish-specific config, which leads me to believe there is no uniform way to provide across all containers. Is there? –  kolossus Dec 13 '12 at 7:20

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