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I have a site based on joomla & k2. When user registred to the site with the standard joomla form, k2 does not assign the user to any group so the user can't submit items. My question is: how can i force joomla to redirect users to the k2 registration form and disable the standard one? Thanks!

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In the Joomla Backend, go to Components >> K2 then click the Parameters buttons and go to the Advanced tab. In there you will find a parameter called Enable K2 User Profile, which you will need to make sure it set to "yes".

Once done, assuming you are using the standard Joomla registration component view, go to edit the menu item that is associated with the registration form, go to change the "type" and set it to the K2 registration form

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To enable the k2 one simply set the k2 login manager to all positions where the current login form is.

To disable the Joomla user names follow the Joomla documentation here.

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thanks, I know the moduls you wrote about, but joomla redirects the user to the registration form when they try to send a new item etc. so i need to get them back to the k2 form. – Amit T. Dec 12 '12 at 15:34
Have you turned off the Joomla registration as per the second part of my answer? – George Wilson Dec 12 '12 at 17:37

Create menu with k2 registration rather then using joomla default com_users.

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