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I'm concerned about best practices that help reflecting the design of the software system in the implementation. Simple example may be naming: The names of the structures and identifiers should be equal. Do you have any advices o this?

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I suppose another would be that the process flow, in terms of function calls and jobs run, should resemble the design-level process flow as closely as possible.

All seems kind of redundant, though. How many ways can we say "your implementation should resemble your design"?

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Generally some coding conventions can be found. They may be a useful input to solve your problem... I am not 100% sure this is a good answer because I am not clear about your question 100%

Java Coding Standards by Sun

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It is by far too general question to answer.

When you design, it is in many cases a very general description of the system. There will be too many ways to "reflect" it in an implementation.

When you're talking about transferring design to implementation, you are advised to think in terms of behavior and constraints rather than focusing on names, files, library dependencies etc.

A system design is correctly transferred to an implementation, if it exercises the expected behavior and meets the functional and non-functional constraints. Here, if you're interested in best practices, user-centered design and agile development is what helps to keep the deviation of the actual result from the one expected by customer [users] to minimum.

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I agree it is too general. – cletus Sep 5 '09 at 20:05

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